Cancer Services providing critical resources to Yadkin County cancer survivors

Staff Report

Cancer Services, Inc. is a local organization striving to make the greatest impact possible right here in the community for individuals and families facing cancer. They are a local organization with a mission “To enhance the quality of life for individuals with cancer and to provide the gift of life through education.”

Each year the organization achieves this with the incredible support of the community and the Yadkin County United Fund. All of the resources received by Yadkin County go directly back into Yadkin County to ensure that individuals facing cancer have the financial, emotional and physical support needed during their cancer journey.

Cancer Services does not have a national organization affiliation, which means they rely solely on the support of the community and United Fund to impact local community residents.

In 2015 for Yadkin County residents, Cancer Services:

• Provided assistance to 186 cancer survivors, averaging 23 services per person.

• Provided direct financial assistance for cancer treatment and support needs of $16,037

• Provided assistance procuring resources from pharmaceutical and other resources and companies or $346,846

• That’s $21 of in-kind assistance secured for clients for every $1 of direct assistance provided

Additionally, Cancer Services

• Provided 1,521 educational contacts and services

• Reached out to survivors with 179 peer support contacts

• Benefited from nearly 800 service hours

• Provided all of our services at no charge to cancer survivors and community members

Under the best of circumstances, cancer is a difficult and expensive chronic illness to treat — so it doesn’t take much to require help and assistance along the way. Cancer Services strives to meet a wide variety of needs for individuals with any type of cancer in Yadkin County, and because of the Yadkin County United Fund, the organization is able to do so.

Those who need help or may benefit from the services of Cancer Services, contact 336-760-9983 or by email to Additionally, there are Patient Advocates within the cancer centers at both Derrick L Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center and Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Center (on 2nd Floor).

Staff Report

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