Courtney Elementary Junior Beta Club induction held

By Kitsey E. Burns

June 9, 2014

Last Thursday, Courtney Elementary inducted its charter members into the National Junior Beta Club. These students are sixth-graders who will be heading to Forbush Middle School in the fall. They have achieved high academic performance and good character during their whole sixth-grade year. Starting with the 2014-15 school year, Courtney Elementary will induct the upcoming fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders who also have met these requirements. Inducted are, from left, Hannah Newton, Savannah Childress, Arella Pina, Deeanna Raynor, Anji Martinez, Cortney Myers, Kacey Cleary, Hailey Buelin, Suzie Beamguard, Cole Hester, Laiken Baity, Lindsay Ray, with sponsor Rebecca Willard, teacher Debbie Bray and Principal Edward Karriker. Not present is Kaitlin Post.