YMCA volunteer honored for meeting fundraising goal

By Kitsey E. Burns kburns@civitasmedia.com

May 1, 2014

YADKINVILLE — On April 22, a local YMCA volunteer got a big surprise when he arrived for what he thought would be a routine meeting. As Fred Trivette walked through the door he was greeted by Curt Hazelbaker, president and CEO of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina, and several other leaders of the regional association and local YMCA.

Trivette said his initial reaction when he walked in was, “this can’t be good.” It was in fact very good, a reception in his honor. Trivette, a lifelong Yadkin County resident, was being honored for his work for the past four years as chair of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina’s Annual Giving Campaign, which recently crossed the $2 million fundraising mark.

Chelsea Joselyn, communications director for the regional group, said they were “blessed” to have had Trivette serve in this position and they wanted to recognize his service and achievements.

“This is an important milestone for our Y as we crossed the $2 million mark in our association’s Annual Giving Campaign. This was made possible through a focus on our cause — strengthening community — and the strong volunteer leadership of the campaign,” Joselyn said. “Before leading the association campaign, Fred was an active and dedicated volunteer at the Yadkin Family YMCA, where he continues to be a member. Fred has become a friend and inspires me. He constantly challenges our board and staff to do more to help the community. We are a stronger Y because of Fred’s involvement.”

The group celebrated with cake and balloons. Trivette was quick to brush off the attention though, saying he didn’t really want to be in the spotlight, he just enjoyed doing the work and had a goal in mind after two years of serving in the role.

“I knew we could get to 2 million and that was kind of a personal goal of mine,” he said.

He also had high praise for the many volunteers that help with fundraising throughout the year for the YMCA.

“I didn’t do the work, I just led the campaign,” Trivette said. “We have so many great volunteers that do the bulk of the work, but it just meant so much to me. It’s just a number in terms of dollars, but it represents so many lives that we can impact through our YMCA. It helps thousands upon thousands of people across our association. It just allows us to do so much more and to really let people truly reach their potential through what they Y offers.”

The funds go toward a variety of programs and scholarships to allow anyone who wants to be a member of the YMCA to do so. Trivette also pointed out that all funds raised stay in the community.

He said the reception was a total surprise and most of all he was just proud to have achieved the goal of $2 million. Trivette said it “proves that our mission is worthwhile and people are willing to come alongside us and help support us and that’s just really what’s most important to me.”

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