Daniel Boone marker rededicated in Yadkinville

November 7, 2013

YADKINVILLE — On Oct. 29 at 11:30 a.m., nine ladies of the Mecklenburg Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and author Randall Jones gathered at the Yadkin County Courthouse to rededicate a marker placed by their chapter 100 years ago.

The marker commemorated Daniel Boone who had lived and hunted in Yadkin County as a young man and his pioneering spirit as he blazed a trail to Kentucky.

Mecklenburg Regent Anne Glovier gave short remarks as she dedicated the marker at the same time as the ceremony that took place 100 years ago.

“On behalf of the Mecklenburg Chapter of the North Carolina Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution — I hereby rededicate this marker commemorating Daniel Boone and his pioneer spirit,” Glovier said.

“May we face the unknown, the unchartered and the unexplored with the same courage and sense of adventure. Let us never forget those who explored the wilderness, fought for our freedoms and built this nation as we explore new possibilities, defend freedom and continue build a better tomorrow for the generations to come,” Glovier said. “Thank you Daniel Boone, thank you Daughters of 1913 and thank all of you that stand here today.”

Author Randall Jones also spoke on the history of the markers that made up Daniel Boone’s trail and placed by various chapters of North Carolina’s Daughters of the American Revolution.

Of those 13 original markers, only six survive.

In attendance from the Mecklenburg Chapter were Miriam Smith, Historic Preservation Chairwoman, Jenny Tolson, Judy Lowe and Linda Seidle, Beverly Buchanan, Marie Thomasson, Nancy Starr and Jean Cobb Lewis.

The Mecklenburg Chapter, the first chapter of the state of North Carolina, placed the marker that stands outside the Yadkinville County Courthouse on Oct. 29, 1913, at 11:30 am.

W.E. Rutledge, editor of The Yadkin Ripple, received the marker on behalf of the town in 1913.

After the recent ceremony, the ladies and Jones moved the celebration to the local eatery, Third Branch Café and Deli, for lunch.