Budgets have to balance

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

March 12, 2013

As every American family and small business knows, budgets are important and must balance to be sustainable. Washington hasn’t been operating within that framework for years, though. House Republicans have had enough of this ‘Washington exceptionalism,’ and today introduced a budget for the federal government that will balance in just 10 years.

Budgets reveal priorities, and House Republicans have revealed ours today. We want to build a stronger, more prosperous future for this generation and the next; we want to protect the promise of Medicare; we want to guarantee accountability for the use of taxpayer dollars; we want to preserve personal freedoms and pursue commonsense governance. The American people deserve this, and so we’ve offered a balanced budget that encourages growth and opportunity for all while paving the way for the country to get out of debt.

It takes courage to put forth such bold ideas. My thanks go out to Chairman Paul Ryan and to all of the Republican members of the House Budget Committee who led the way in making this stand. Although it may not please foreign debt holders, future generations of Americans will be thankful for such leadership, and I hope the President and Senate will follow suit with ideas of their own – ideas that will actually balance.