Town board votes to raise fees

Lindsay CravenStaff Writer

February 19, 2013

The Board of Commissioners for the Town of Yadkinville voted unanimously to amend the fee schedule meter deposit from $100 to $150.

Public Works Director Perry Williams reported that the current $100 fee is not covering the costs of the service.

“The rental properties are what really hurts us,” Williams said. “The commercial rental properties haven’t really been a problem but the residential properties have.”

Williams reported that many residential property renters would leave the residence without paying the fees and it left the county covering the costs or writing them off.

The board also voted unanimously to approve a joint insurance policy with Yadkin County Schools that would cover the town if a student was to be injured at Yadkinville Community Park.

The vote was revisited at the meeting following last month’s meeting when the board asked Town Manager Christopher Ong to review the policy with the town’s insurance agent.

Ong reported that the town’s agent reviewed the document and suggested that the town be renewed yearly through the school’s policy and that the town be listed as insured under the school’s policy.

With the coverage from the school the town also agreed to waive fees associated with group visits to the park and made it clear that the park would be open to all schools in the Yadkin County School System and not just schools in and near Yadkinville.

“I feel that the town should approve this for the entire school system because it would look bad on us to turn the schools away,” Commissioner Gene Branon said.

Other topics from the meeting:

-The board voted unanimously to approve rezoning for 112 Lee Avenue from resident to residential-office.

-The board voted unanimously to approve a text amendment request for LED signs with the inclusion of community theater to the amendment.

-The board voted unanimously to appoint John Willingham to the Yadkinville Tourism Authority to replace Danielle Frye.

-Yadkinville Police Chief Tim Parks provided a yearly report for 2012 to the commissioners for the department. The report shows that crimes reported were up 10.6 percent from 2011 with 425 calls answered, arrests were up 13 percent with 293 arrests made, citations were up 78 percent with 1,317 citations issued and parking citations were down 69 percent with only 138 citations issued.

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